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Zhejiang University(浙江大学)


Founded in 1897, Zhejiang University is a comprehensive research university with distinctive features and a national as well as international impact. Research at Zhejiang University spans 12 academic disciplines, covering philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, art, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and etc. With 7 faculties and 36 colleges/schools/departments, 1 polytechnic Institute, Zhejiang University has 14 primary and 21 secondary national leading academic disciplines.

As of Dec. 2016, there are a total of 48,762 full-time students enrolled at Zhejiang University, including approximately 15,092 graduate students, 9,537 Ph.D candidates, and 24,133 undergraduates. In addition, there are about 6,237 international students currently attending Zhejiang University. Among its approximate 3,502 standing faculty members, 1,631 faculty members have title of professor. Other important facts and figures are as follows: 19 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 19 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 88experts in State '1000-elite Programs', 41 chief scientists of national 973 projects, 128 Chair Professors in Cheung Kong Scholar Program, and 130 scholars awarded with National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. With seven campuses, namely Zijingang, Yuquan, Xixi, Huajiachi, Zhijiang, Zhoushan and Haining campus, Zhejiang University encompasses an area of 4,265,678 square meters with school buildings covering 2,575,983 square meters of floor space. The university library holds a collection of more than 6.935 million volumes. In addition, Zhejiang University has 7 high-level affiliated hospitals.  

For more information, please refer to :  http://iczu.zju.edu.cn/english/

Academic Departments

School of Economics 
Guanghua Law School
College of Education
School of Humanities
School of International Studies 
College of Life Sciences
College of Electrical
College of Civil Engineering and Architecture 
College of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science 
College of Environmental and Resource Sciences 
College of Biomedical Engineering and Instrument Science 
College of Agriculture and Biotechnology 
College of Animal Sciences
School of Medicine
College of Pharmaceutical Sciences 
School of Management
College of Computer Science and Technology   
School of Public Affairs
School of Media and International Culture
School of Aeronautics and Astronautics 
College of Mechanical Engineering 
School of Materials Science and Engineering
College of Energy Engineering 
College of Chemical and Biological Engineering 
Department of Polymer Science and Engineering 
College of Optical Science and Engineering 
College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering 
College of Control Science and Engineering 
Ocean College 
School of Mathematical Sciences 
Department of Physics
Department of Chemistry
School of Earth Sciences
Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
School of Software Technology 


1. On-campus Living

International students who need to live in campus will be allocated by the university according to their majors, campuses where they will take their lectures. Necessities include beddings, desk and bookshelf, air-conditioning, hot water supply, campus wired and wireless network.

On-campus dwelling students should comply with the Regulations on Management of International Student Dormitories at Zhejiang University. Violators will be treated in accordance with relevant articles.

(1)  Accommodation fee and living expenses

Dwelling students must pay accommodation fee in a timely fashion.

Students who pay by academic year should pay the accommodation fee for the entire academic year. Otherwise short term programme standard of payment would be applied. 

Students who pay by day should pay the accommodation fee for 4 months at one time.

(2)  Laundry service

Public laundry rooms are provided at basement (G1) in Chu Kochen Hall of International Education and Zijigang International Students Dormitory, where washing machines and drying machines are available. The charge is RMB per bucket for washing machine, RMB per bucket for drying machine.

(3)  Internet service

On-campus dwelling international students can apply for opening campus network account with student card and photocopy of passport at the places below:

Yuquan Campus: Campus Network Center on the 6th floor of library;

Zijingang Campus: Administrative Hall of in Nano Building

Activation fee is 10 RMB, monthly rental fee is 50 RMB.

2. Off-campus Living

International students who need to dwell off campus must submit the Application Form for Off-campus Dwelling and obtain the consent from the International College. Off-campus dwelling international students shall sign formal and legal lease contract with the owner. Within 24 hours after move-in, they must go to the local police station in the dwelling area for a residence registration. International students who change their off-campus dwelling places must go to International College for registration and apply for new residence registration within 24 hours after moving into new place. They must go to International College to have their contact information, such as address and mobile number recorded.

Off-campus dwelling international students can apply to China Telecom and China Netcom for network service.

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Please refer to the Zhejiang University International College Website for more Admission Information:


Language Program 

Long-term Non-degree Chinese Language and  Culture Program

  Each semester,  the International College organizes language-teaching classes at elementary,  intermediate and advanced levels. Students are to be placed in classes that suit  them best by taking a proficiency test. A class is usually composed of 15-20  students. The spring semester usually starts from late February and the autumn  semester from early or middle September. A semester usually consists of 18 weeks  with 20 class hours of language courses per week. Electives are offered for  students to choose from one to three courses according to the students’ interest  and Chinese capacity. Field trips are arranged once or twice each  semester.

Short-Term Chinese Language and Culture Programs

    A. Short-term Summer Program
Zhejiang University  provides 4-week long intensive Chinese program every summer vacation, which  usually lasts from early July to early August with 4 class hours every day from  Monday to Friday. The program accepts individual application and application  must be submitted one month before the beginning of the program.

    B.  Short-term Program for Group Students
In addition  to the regular short-term summer program, the college also runs short-term  programs for groups of international students (15 people or above) all year  round. Courses can be specially designed upon request, with language courses in  combination with lectures, field trips, industry visits and so  on. 
    C. Individual short-term students can apply to study with long-term students  if he/she has studied Chinese Language for at least 200 hours.

 Tel:  +86-571-87953089     


Undergraduate Program


Tel:+86 571 87951456 (Chinese-instructed program)        

    +86 571 87951718 (English-instructed program)        


Graduate Program

Zhejiang University is ranked among China’s leading Universities for both the quantity and quality of its master’s degree programs. Several hundred academic majors are established in colleges and departments affiliated to seven faculties of science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, information technology, humanities and social sciences. 


Tel:    +86 571 87951456

          +86 571 87951718

Email: admission1@zju.edu.cn

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