Nankai University(南开大学)

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A key multidisciplinary and research-oriented university directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Nankai University,located in Tianjin on the border of the sea of Bohai, is also the alma mater of our beloved late Premier Zhou Enlai.

Nankai University was founded in 1919 by the famous patriotic educators, Mr. Zhang Boling and Mr. Yan Xiu. During the Anti-Japanese war (1937-1945), Nankai University, Peking University (Beijng University) and Tsinghua University (Qinghua University) united in Kunming to form the renowned Southwest Associated University. It was compared to be "The North Star of Higher Learning". In accordance with its motto of "dedication to the public interests, acquisition of all-round capability and aspiration for daily progress" and the trandition of “patriotism, conscientiousness, innovation and agreeableness”, the University has produced batches of prominent talents such as late Premier Zhou Enlai, Dr. Shiing -shen Chern, Dr. Ta-you Wu and playwright Cao Yu. On December 25th, 2000 the State Ministry of Education signed an agreement with Tianjin Municipal Government on jointly establishing and developing Nankai University. Since then, Nankai University has been listed among universities for priority development in the 21st century.

Academic Department

Business School

College of Chinese Language and Culture

College of Chemistry

School of Economics

College of Environmental Science and Engineering

College of Foreign Languages

College of History

College of Ideological and Cultural Education

College of Information Technical Science

School of Literature

Law School

School of Mathematical Sciences

School of Medicine

Deparment of Philosophy

Institute of Physics

College of Software

TEDA College

Zhou Enlai School of Government


Undergraduate Programs Admission Brochure

Period of Schooling: 4 years.


1. Non-Chinese citizens over the age of 18 and in good health;

2. Senior high school graduates with good academic standing.

Application Time & Address:

Time: March 1to April 30;

Address: International Students Section, Office for International Academic Exchanges, Nankai University (Aida Building, A101, Weijin Road 94, Nankai District, Tianjin, China- 300071). Please make sure the application materials should be reached before the deadline of our application time.

Application Procedures:

1. Register at to fill out online application and print out the “Nankai University Application Form”;

2. Send all the required documents to International students’ Section;

A. “Nankai University Application Form

B. Notarized copy of senior high school diploma or highest diploma (Students expecting to graduate should provide an official letter stating expected graduation date, and submit the diploma if admitted);

C. Official HSK test score. Applicants whose HSK level are lower than five or have not taken the HSK are required to take the Nankai Chinese Language Entrance Exam;

D. 3 recent photos;

E. One photocopy of valid passport;

F. Please send your recent digital photo to bmp form,150*200 pixel,with your full name and passport number)

J Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English; all the documents need to be photocopied, please do not send original ones.

3. Application Fee: CNY 400(will not be returned).

Entrance Examination& Admission

Date of Examination

Last weekend of May (China);

Third week of June (Korea)

Venue of Examination

Nankai University, Tianjin,


Jongno-gu 2nd street, Jongno-gu,Soul, Korea


Subjects of Examination

Chinese Language

Chinese Culture Survey
















Foreign Languages



Download from

J Applicants with the HSK level 5 or above will be exempted from the subject of Chinese Language.

J Applicants with the HSK level 3 or above can apply for the College of Chinese Language and Culture

Directly and exempt from other tests.


1. The admission list will be posted within two weeks after the entrance examination on

2. Admission materials will be sent to the appointed address in the “Nankai University Application Form.

Colleges and Majors

Teaching Language: Chinese



School of Literature

Chinese Language and Literature/Painting/Art Design

College of Chinese

Language and Culture

Chinese Language/Chinese as a Foreign Language

College of History

History/World History/Museology

Faculty of Philosophy

Philosophy/Logic/Religious Studies

Zhou Enlai School of


Sociology/Public Administration/International Politics/Politics and

Public Administration/Social Work/Applied Psychology(science)

College of Foreign


English/Japanese/Russian/French/German/English Translation

Law School


Business School

Human Resource Management/Business Administration/ Financial

Management/ Accounting/ Management Information Systems/

E-Commerce/Marketing/Library Science /Archival Science/Logistics

Management / Industrial Engineering

College of Tourism and

Service Management

Tourism Management/Exhibition Economy and Management

School of Economics

Economics/Insurance/ Fiscal Science /International Economy and Trade

School of Finance

Finance/Financial Engineering

College of Chemistry

Chemistry/Applied Chemistry/Molecular Science and Engineering

/ Chemicobiology

College of Materials

Material Chemistry/Material Physics

College of Environmental

Science and Engineering

Environmental Science/Environmental Engineering / Resource Recycling

Science and Engineering

School of Mathematical


Mathematics & Applied Mathematics/Probability and Statistics /Information and Computational Science

College of Electronic

Information and Optical


Photoelectric Technology / Communication Engineering/ Microelectronics/

Electronic Information Science and Technology/

Electronic Science and Technology

College of Computer

and Control Engineering

Information Security /Computer Science and Technology/Automation /

Intelligence Science and Technology

Institute of Physics

Physics/Applied Physics/Material Physics/Optoelectric

Information Science and Technology

College of Software

Software Engineering

School of Medicine

Clinical Medicine / Stomatology

College of Life Sciences

Biological Science/Biotechnology

College of Pharmacy



Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Tuition and Fees


Humanities Economics Management





Tuition fees per year

CNY 20000

CNY 25000


Registration fee

(once and for all)


J Nankai University shall reserve all the rights of modifying the tuition and other fees.


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