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Guide for Foreign Students to study At College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University


The College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University (CHSNENU), an independent undergraduate institution approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, was founded in February 2004. Professor Mu Shuyuan, National Educator of Distinction, is the Chairman of board. Professor Lu Yinghua, doctoral supervisor, is the president.

Academic Departments

The College has 9 departments, 11500 students in 42 majors, covers 9 disciplines: economics, management, literature, jurisprudence, pedagogy, arts, sciences, technology, iatrology..


We provide a dormitory only for the foreign students, which is well equipped (TV, telephone, air-conditioner, refrigerator, access to the internet, shower room).

Application for admission

. Application Categories:

1. Bachelor (length:4 years)

1. Long term language courses (length: 6 months to 3 years)

2. Short term language courses (length: less than6 months)

3. Short term Learning Tour

. Target students and admission requirements

To learn the Chinese language, applicants need to have:

1. High school diploma or above

2. Under the age of 60 and in good health

To join the bachelor degree study, applicants need to have:

1. High school diploma or equivalent to Chinese high school diploma

2. In good health

Time of application:

Long term language courses will be taught in every spring and autumn, the time of application is October 1st (last year) to January 10th or April 1st to June 15th.

Time of enrollment:

Commonly in late February and August, the specific date please see the Letter of Admission.

Materials of application:

1. Application form

2. Copy of passport and one white background photo of the applicant (35mm * 45mm)

3. Fee of application (400 RMB)

Courses Offered in Long Term Language Program

Obligatory course:

Intensive reading, oral, listening, reading, writing etc.

Selective courses:

Introduction to China, Martial Arts, Tai Ji, Chinese Culture, Ancient Chinese, Chirography, Characters, Chinese Literature, Chinese Economy, Traditional Chinese Painting.

The majors for bachelor program:

Business (bilingual teaching), Chinese, Social welfare

Fees (RMB)

To language learner:

7000 RMB / Semester ; 13000 RMB / Academic year

To the students who join the bachelor degree study:

14000~18000 RMB / Academic year


Single room:50 RMB/student/day

Double room:30 RMB/student/day

Student Service

We provide a dinning room only for the foreign students. The students can have the dishes offered by the chef, or they can order dishes. We have library, gym, supermarket on the campus. There are banks, Chinese restaurants, western restaurants, Korean restaurants and fast food restaurants just in walking range of the campus.


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