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Alumni China Office is a section founded in 2004 affiliated to Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange(CSCSE)under the Ministry of Education P.R.China. Its’ mission is to help all those who once studied in Chinese universities to remain connected with the world’s most robust society. Many overseas students, no matter they choose to go back to their motherland or to work in China after graduation, have found their time in China to be a life-changing experience. If you've finished your study abroad or full-degree program hoping remain connected to China, we offer you a number of ways to meet alumni just like yourself, share your experience with others, or experience Chinese culture in your own backyard. We organize outside China alumni gatherings and host receptions for international alumni of Chinese universities annually. Our office is a gateway to the modern and ever-changing China, and you can also find out about events in your area including Chinese performances, exhibitions, lectures and fairs. Register with us and keep up with what's happening in China.


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