Life in China

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Food: The eight famous cuisines of China are: Shangdong (Lu) cuisine, Sichuan (Chuan) cuisine, Jiangsu (Su) cuisine, Zhejiang (Zhe) cuisine, Guangdong (Yue) cuisine, Hunan (Xiang) cuisine, Fujian (Min) cuisine, and Anhui (Hui) cuisine.

Characteristics of Lu dishes: The Lu school puts emphasis on pure seasoning and its cuisine is characterized by freshness, tenderness, aroma and crispness. The specialty of the Lu school is seafood.

Characteristics of Chuan dishes: The Chuan dishes is famous for its wide use of ingredients, diverse tastes and adaptability across a wide range of dishes, and is particularly renowned for its variety of distinctive flavors; the most outstanding ones are spicy flavors, fish flavors and special flavors.

Characteristics of Su dishes: Su dishes adopt a variety of ingredients, with fish and crustaceans as the main ones. The flavor of Su dishes is light and fresh and presentation is delicately elegant.

Characteristics of Zhe dishes: The Zhe dishes wins its reputation for its delicacy, freshness, tenderness, softness, crispness and smoothness and its use of rice wine as a seasoning.

Characteristics of Yue dishes: Yue dishes utilize a wide range of ingredients and prepare them with careful selection, sophisticated skills and a variety of flavors. Yue flavor is characterized by clearness, crispness, freshness and tenderness without being insipid, tasteless, raw or greasy.

Characteristics of Xiang dishes: The Xiang dishes puts much emphasis on the appropriate combination of different foods and delicacy of shapes within dishes, as well as the mixing of ingredients and how flavors are combined. Xiang dishes especially emphasize sour and spicy flavors.

Characteristics of Min dishes: The ingredients for Min dishes are primarily seafood and especially on seasoning. The Min school is renowned for its fine slicing techniques and the way ingredients are sliced serves to enhance their original aroma.

Characteristics of Hui dishes: Hui dishes are characterized by elegance, original taste and flavor, tenderness, freshness and aroma. They are renowned for careful attention to flavor and fine control of hot temperatures in the cooking process.

TrafficCity Transport)

Taxi: Taxis are a convenient means of transportation in various cities in China. Simply raise your hand, and a taxi appears in no time. But you'd better choose a taxi with a business permit, and before you disembark from a taxi ride, ask the driver for a receipt.

Subway: Subways are another convenient means of transportation for those traveling in downtown.

Bicycle: There are bicycles for rent in some hotels in Beijing and some other tourist cities. Riding old-fashioned Pedi cabs for a tour of Beijing's hutongs and back alleys.


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